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    Description :

    Allegro.pas is a wrapper to allow Pascal language to use the Allegro game programming library, a portable library mainly aimed at video game and multimedia programming written in a mixture of C and assembler.

    Allegro.pas allows you to use sprites, play sound and music, draw directly on the screen or on any-size memory bitmaps, get user input from keyboard, joystick and/or mouse, create 3D graphics, define a GUI and almost anything you need to create your own games. And you can do it in good old Pascal or the modern Object Pascal. Also, if you do it the right way, your program will run in Windows and Linux with few or not changes!


    Allegro est une libraire de jeux 2D et 3D. On peut avec faire bouger des sprites, jouer de la musique et du son.

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    25 Feb 2010
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    15 Jan 2010
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