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Hardware and Compilers


- - Utilities for the programming with CPU 6502.
- - Source code for the article 'Create your own compiler'.
- - Lazarus unit for console process control, with prompt detection.
- - Lazarus library that implements TCP/IP connections using sockets
- - Cross-platform Lazarus library for using OpenCV
- - Lazarus library to save/restore properties in Configuration dialogs.
- - Utilities library to work with Lazarus SynEdit.
- - Sample code for terminal emulator in Linux using Free Pascal.
- - Complete SynEdit documentation. In spanish language.
- - Scriptable Highlighter with code-completion for the SynEdit Component of Lazarus
- - Lazarus library to create graphic object editors using Canvas.
- - Lazarus library with utilities for programming PIC microcontrollers.
- - Scriptable Highlighter for the SynEdit Component of Lazarus.
- - Simple library to work with DXF format files.
- - Utility for compress and split files.
- - Lazarus library to work with the component TStringGrid.
- - Simple Framework to create Interpreters and Compilers using Lazarus.
- - Basic Server for Web Service on the XML-RPC protocol.



Compilateurs, interpréteurs, et hardware

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Super Utilisateur (Matthius)
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01 Jun 2022
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Tito Hinostroza
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