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It's a program that lets people put together a fully-featured language teaching system to teach any language in any language. (Except the ones that are written top-to-bottom, I haven't done those yet.)

This may not be a big deal if you speak one common language and want to learn another, where there are already plenty of resources out there, but for learning or teaching in small under-served languages this could be really useful. It's software that attempts to fill all the vacant niches at once. It is completely free, for this and other reasons.

By fully-featured, I mean that it can ask written or spoken questions, it can accept written or multiple-choice answers, it can test you on individual vocabulary items, on accidence, or it can put together the vocabulary it knows to produce grammatical sentences for you to translate. It can of course use any script 'cos of Unicode, and the keyboard can be set to produce Fancy Foreign Letters. It is capable of full internationalization. It connects to the Internet so that students can join online classes, they can then download assignments and do them and the results are uploaded to the teacher's gradebook. Though I say it myself, it is pretty good.




Application permettant d'apprendre d'un langage vers plein d'autres langages.

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Super Utilisateur (Matthius)
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25 Dec 2021
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