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Smart Pascal Compiler


This compiler makes Embarcadero HTML5 builder and Microsoft typeScript look like a joke. Sadly it's not portable to FPC due to a bug in the generic's system - so only Win32 and Mac (Delphi) compiled binaries will be released.

And it is a real compiler, not just a function-mapper (which other companies pass off as a 'compiler' these days). It actually sculpts a VMT in javascript to provide classes, inheritance, partial classes, interfaces, lambdas etc.. from object pascal into JS. The code is fast, compact and gives any1 serious about mobile app development using phonegap -- or just kick ass javascript for a website, a serious edge. What takes 3 months in hand-written JS takes 3 days or less with this compiler.


This compiler transforms a delphi or lazarus software to html 5 software with javascript.

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23 Jul 2017
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80 Mo
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Smart Pascal Compiler
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