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    TGIFViewer component
    Description :

    TGIFViewer is a visual component for displaying animations at GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) with Free Pascal and Lazarus

    Compatibility: Windows, Linux and MacOS

    Capabilities of TGIFViewer:

    • Loading from a stream, file, or resource (LoadFromStream, LoadFromFile, LoadFromResource functions)
    • Extraction of raw images (** DisplayRawFrame function)
    • Extraction of pre-calculated images from the animation (DisplayFrame function)
    • Display with or without transparency (Transparent)
    • Silent management of some badly encoded data to allow the display of images without disturbing the user
    • Error handling for poorly compressed files '(OnLoadError)
    • Center (Center), Resize (Stretch) the display
    • Dimension of the automatic component according to the image (AutoSize)
    • Evident when playing, stopping or pausing the animation (OnStart, OnPause, OnStop)
    • Access to GIF images and information via the Frames.Items property


    Composant de visualisation de GIF.


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